Penistone and Thurlstone Team Ministry


Welcome to St John’s. Chrisitians have been praying on this site for 1000 years. Under your feet are the foundations of an earlier church from 900’s AD, although most of the present building was erected in the 1300’s. However, there is evidence of earlier buildings in the structure you can see today.

Each generation has left its imprint. Each has contributed its ideas in terms of fashion, furninshings and worship styles. The church has never stood still but sought to be accessible to the changing world about it. Over centuries it has remained faithful to God, who ‘makes all things new’.


The combined parish covers approximately 45 square miles and is served by 5 churches: St. John’s, Penistone (often simply referred to as “Penistone Church”); St. Saviour’s, Thurlstone; St. Aidan’s, Oxspring; St. James, Midhopestones and St. Annes, Carlecotes.

St John’s is the largest of the five churches and is set at the heart of the semi rural Market town of Penistone. On entering the town, it cannot be missed. Over the past decade, the church although grade one listed, has become multi-functional. It can be used for all kinds of events including an annual Art exhibition and sale, ‘Art at The Altar’, also a Beer festival as well as regular coffee mornings and cafe. This all began a number of years ago with a project called ‘Open Doors’, which literally meant unsealing the west door and opening our doors on more regular occasions rather than merely for Sunday worship. With extended community use, this has also had an impact upon our other events, including services. Unusually we hold our Messy Church service on a Sunday morning (second Sunday in the month) which includes a short communion service at the end. This is beautiful, relaxed service and although aimed at families and children, welcomes not only children and families but all ages. During this service there is also opportunity for people to be prayed for individually. Equally, Cafe Church (third Sunday) and Learning and Nurture Church(fourth Sunday) provide something for all ages. ‘Learning Church’ offers a program of learning for confirmation candidates, but not exclusively.


We are passionate about making connections between church and community life and to be able to see the whole community as its parish. It is important for people of the wider community to get to know their local church with its doors open wide, and to feel a sense of belonging We are committed to go out through the open doors of the church to show God’s love in the world through Our words and actions. We recognise the need to build a culture of invitation, welcome and hospitality where all may be touched by friendships they encounter and come to know the rich blessings of God. Our Values We believe in a church which Invites, welcomes, accepts and serves people where they are along their journey of life and faith. Helps those who wish to explore the possibility of faith. Attempts to be scripturally faithful which means being open to the possibilities of challenge through study of the Bible. Seeks to proclaim and be witnesses to Christ’s risen presence in the world with the help of the Holy Spirit. As is innovative and creative but recognises the importance of tradition o Helps to equip and resource all God’s people in ministry. We hope and pray that all who are invited and welcomed may grasp how wide and deep is the love of God and may grow as followers of Jesus. In the spirit of invitation and welcome, we believe in a church that does not discriminate on any level including economic power, gender difference, mental or physical disability, race or sexuality. Our Personality: The Church communities of the team ministry seek to be: ‘ Inviting, welcoming, friendly, loving and hospitable. ‘ We cater for both modern and traditional styles of worship. We expect all members of our community to practise compromise relation to taste or tradition in worship and ways of being church.

Team Ministry

The logo itself portrays an image of what looks like five tents. In other words, we are reminded within the logo, that the team ministry is not static, that we are on a pilgrimage of discovery – that, although there are grade one and two listed buildings within our benefice, we are not tied into the past and we seek to meet the needs, both spiritually and socially, for 21st century community life. To this end, we aim to be welcoming and hospitable, but we also hope that people will enjoy fellowship within the churches and feel a sense of belonging, indeed want to come back again and join us on the pilgrimage. The tents in the team logo also remind us of a bigger picture – that we have a building from God – not made with human hands but eternal in the heavens; in other words that God’s Kingdom is bigger and greater than our ancient buildings but at the same time that our places of worship are ‘fit for purpose’ and used as a base for the purposes of God’s mission.