Voice Activation Transactions – How Do They Work?

You’ve probably seen people paying by simply speaking to their phones at the grocery store. It looks weird at first, but you can pay for stuff that way. It’s called a voice activation transaction, and this is how it works!

During the earlier months of 2022, digital payments experienced a sharp increase in growth, mainly thanks to applications like Paxum. This shows an increase in cashless payments, providing customers with multiple ways of paying for their purchases, such as by voice activation.

What is Voice Activation?

Fundamentally, voice activation technology is not something new. We have been screaming at Siri and Alexa for years, requesting songs or pancake recipes. The same technology enables us to shout commands at our smart TV sets when we can’t find the remote.

Now, voice technology is becoming an integral part of the payment industry. And soon, it will be just another one of the seamless daily activities we perform without overthinking them. But before we get there, let’s try to discover how it actually works.

How Do Voice Payments Work?

We will not go into the belly of the beast, trying to explain the complex algorithms linking your voice to your credit card. Even the tech savviest gurus may find it tricky to present that information in layman’s terms. So, let’s stick to the basics.

You will need to have an online wallet to use voice activation. An online wallet is a secure piece of technology that only exists in the digital world. It acts as a safe haven for your funds if you don’t want to keep all your money in cash.

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You can connect all your credit and debit cards to this online wallet and add other bank accounts to it as well. Then, you install the mobile version of the wallet on your phone. Once it is all set up, you don’t have to open and click through the app repetitively just to pay for a Tootsie Roll. Instead, simply prompt the online wallet to perform the transaction through a voice command.

After you vocally command your phone to pay for your snack, the app will open and ask you to confirm the payment. Next, you only have to whisper a password or place your fingerprint on the screen. The online wallet will instantly transfer the necessary funds to the seller, thanks to state-of-the-art technology.

Uses of Voice Payments

The best use case of voice activation transactions may not be in the middle of a crowded grocery store. Although they could help you buy stuff when you are in a hurry, ordering online at home and paying via voice commands will probably be safer.

Vocal payments may also help people who cannot perform them manually due to various medical conditions. Lastly, they can help everyone make recurring payments, such as paying utilities or repetitive grocery lists.

Ultimately, voice-activated transactions should improve the way we pay for stuff. They are easy to use, safe, and reduce the risk of fraud.